About the designer

For a long time African fabrics have been confined to traditional designs, the iro and buba, Mermaid skirts and fitted blouses, boubou. I felt this is the time to break out of the box and create directional and unique pieces. Stand back! My name is Jumoke Alli and I am about to set the trend in the world of fashion. Being a woman myself, I know what suits a woman’s body, I know how a woman wants to feel when they wear clothing. I have the unique ability to look at a woman’s figure and know exactly how to clothe it to make her feel beautiful, I have taken all these experiences and put them in my designs.

On a trip to Nigeria during an Easter break I saw fashion come alive on the streets of Nigeria, in places where beauty and class was least expected. Inspired by the market women and the working men of Nigeria, how they combined their fabrics with the dust, sun and gentle winds providing the backdrop to its colourful fusion.  I dared to look closely and I could see the diamond in the rough. Let me give you the scoop they started colour blocking in Nigeria before it ever got to Paris, necessity had become their stylist in the way they mixed traditional wears with modern accessories, they know more than anyone on how to dress for their body types. I returned with renewed zest to start Arachnid Creation, the variety of the materials we use and the design makes each collection personal and forever a timeless piece in your wardrobe.

Shattering traditional fashion rules, I hunt the globe for inspiration, inspired by fashion’s most covetable trend, I have put together cutting edge collections that is both timeless and inspirational. By fusing the vibrant, traditional textiles of West Africa with the latest trends, Arachnid creation collection embodies a signature “urban chic simplistic elegance” aesthetic.

The unique thing about using African Fabrics is that it already carries a beauty and a story of its own with its colourful and magical patterns, to be able to work with these pieces of fabric is like being given a magic paint brush which I have utilised to make these beautiful designs that I have called Arachnid Creations. Like the spider, I have spurned the web of creativity in my clothing line, prismed and primed designs that will take your breadth away. The radiance of the styles will captivate your moods and style.
Arachnid collection focuses on bespoke shirts, statement separates, cocktail dresses, and several accessory options.  Our line is dynamic and fresh while keeping the prize pretty affordable, Arachnid; infiltrating the world of style with classy African prints one design at a time.

The collection is available online on www.arachnid-creations.com and partnering sites.